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Der Kopf kann dem Kopf das Denken nicht verbieten.

Juli Zeh: Corpus Delicti


Wozu leben wir, wenn nicht dazu, uns gegenseitig das Leben einfacher zu machen?

George Eliot


Profis machen vor allem keine Fehler im Umgang mit Fehlern.


Of course, I couldn’t resist trying to nest a GFM code block inside a Markdown code block inside a Markdown document and of course, things got weird.

Jason Belvins: Syntax highlighting for code blocks in Emacs Markdown Mode

Behalve deze.

Stellingen die over stellingen gaan zijn altijd flauw.

Wouter Teepe

Writing is no longer public.

What do philosophy and statistics have in common?

People like them the least.

There was a study done in 2019 in the United States of how people feel about humanities and arts. There's us! Philosophy! Statistics! People like us the least. Science, history, even math got in there higher than us. What is going on? I'll tell you what's going on: People aren't reading. When people, general public, are out there engaging with humanities and arts, they're not reading. They're watching videos. They're doing online searches. Sometimes they pick up a book, but that's classified as engaging with literature, and it doesn't happen nearly as much as you think. Usually it's shows with historical content or researching something online. People like documentaries. So "writing stuff" is not public philosophy. That's just writing stuff - you're like every other blogger out there.

The Inclusive Philosopher: Philosophy and Inclusive Design

What to post.

Wat post je eigenlijk op een blog? Wat post ik er?

Bart's eNotes: Een blog (2006-05-05)

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