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"I'm afraid," he said at last, "that the Question and the Answer are mutually exclusive. Knowledge of one logically precludes knowledge of the other. It is impossible that both can ever be known about the same universe."

Douglas Adams: Life, the Universe and Everything


"It's unimaginable! No question about what you do with your orgasms. No question about the quality of your feelings and thoughts and perceptions. And then what about the society you're supposed to be adjusted to? Is it a mad society or a sane one? And even if it's pretty sane, is it right that anybody should be completely adjusted to it?"

Island by Aldous Huxley

Why don't you spend nowhere with me?

I can't make sense of this
But we're here today feeling alive

In Flames: Deliver Us

Noch Suppe?

"Warum gibt es Menschen, die an Gott glauben?" [...]

"Für manche Leute ist das Leben einfacher mit einem Gott" [...]


"Weil sie dann jemand haben zu dem sie beten können" [...]

"Und weil sie dann wissen, wozu sie auf der Welt sind" [...]

"Wir glauben aber nicht an Gott?"

"Ich nicht" [...]

"Wissen wir trotzdem, wozu wir auf der Welt sind?"

"Aber natürlich, Mäuschen."

"Wozu denn?"

Juli Zeh: Leere Herzen


Warum eigentlich Nostalgie?

Is it good to collect questions?

Reality can change as easily as the way you care to see it. An answer, static in nature as it is, refers to one frozen snapshot of that reality, its value can only go down. today's treasure could be tomorrow's garbage.

mused /

Travelling Circus.

The European Parliament is the only assembly in the world with more than one meeting place and one of the few that does not have the power to decide its own location.


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