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Update 18 November: Based on the majority of feedback, we will not continue the discussion or explore this topic any further, as it is rather clear that the LibreOffice community is not interested. Thanks to everyone who let us know what they think.

The Document Foundation Blog: LibreOffice and blockchain: What cool things are possible?


idealism, struggle, despair, passion, success, failure, and enormously long lunch-breaks.

Douglas Adams: Life, the Universe and Everything

The right to hold property.

But most importantly, I don’t want to be in a place with such priorities. I have achieved most goals on my list – goals that were agreed upon at the beginning – despite having a major illness. I will not be an award-winning researcher, but I feel – and people have told me – that the things I do are valuable. If the university does not see this, I need to find a place that does.

Dr Veronika CH: Goodbye, tenure track


I had a new iPhone in the pocket of my new Ralph Lauren suit. I had new Burberry glasses. A new haircut. Keys to this new town house in Columbia, Maryland, the largest place I’d ever lived in, and the first place that really felt like mine. I was rich, or at least my friends thought so. I barely recognized myself.

Edward Snowden: Permanent Record


Maximale resultaten worden niet noodzakelijk alleen door maximale inspanning bereikt, maar door iemand die zich maximaal inspant op een terrein waar hij toch al maximaal in het voordeel was.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen