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Geteilte Freu(n)de.

Sharing big news with more people is more fun.

Alles Gute euch beiden!



Maybe prime years are the best?

Friede, Freude, Freunde.

I became convinced that most human beings are possessed by a profound unhappiness venting itself in destructive rages, and that only through the diffusion of instinctive joy can a good world be brought into being.

Bertrand Russell - Autobiography

Be curious. Pick a subject you like.

For a few seconds I considered writing an article "How to enjoy university." - or even a book maybe. But then I realized that all knowledge I could share about this topic is easily summarized.

Lili would cry.

The rights to the Smiley trademark in one hundred countries are owned by the Smiley company.

Wikipedia - Smiley#Licensing_and_legal_issues

Celebrate we will.

'Cause life is short but
Sweet for certain

Dave Matthews

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