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Johan Galtung: Autobiography

Type It Easy.

[...] as a rough-and-ready indication of what we mean by a "type," we may say that individuals, classes of individuals, relations between individuals, relations between classes, relations of classes to individuals, and so on, are different types.

Bertrand Russell: Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Or not.

Either a thing is true or it isn't.

If it is true, you should believe it.

And if it isn't you shouldn't.

Bertrand Russell

Friede, Freude, Freunde.

I became convinced that most human beings are possessed by a profound unhappiness venting itself in destructive rages, and that only through the diffusion of instinctive joy can a good world be brought into being.

Bertrand Russell - Autobiography

Message from the past.

Love is wise. Hatred is Foolish.

Bertrand Russell's Message to the Future

Danke, Geburtstagskind.

If peace is ever to be secure, there will have to be great changes in education. At present, children are taught to love their country to the exclusion of other countries, and among their countrymen in history those whom they are specially taught to admire are usually those who have shown most skill in killing foreigners. An English child is taught to admire Nelson and Wellington; a French child, to admire Napoleon; and a German child, Barbarossa. These are not among those of the child’s countrymen who have done most for the world. They are those who have served their country in ways that must be forever closed if man is to survive. The conception of Man as one family will have to be taught as carefully as the opposite is now taught. This will not be an easy transition.

Bertrand Russell: A New Approach to Peace

The Very Last Day.

I had drawn up a list of scientists of both East and West and had written to them, enclosing the statement, shortly before I went to Rome with the Parliamentarians. I had, of course, sent the statement to Einstein for his approval, but had not yet heard what he thought of it and whether he would be willing to sign it. As we flew from Rome to Paris, where the World Government Association were to hold further meetings, the pilot announced the news of Einstein’s death. I felt shattered, not only for the obvious reasons, but because I saw my plan falling through without his support. But, on my arrival at my Paris hotel, I found a letter from him agreeing to sign. This was one of the last acts of his public life.

Bertrand Russell: Autobiography

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