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New job, new operating system?


Seven years of Debian, still happy.

Hollandse Brug.

Life was so different this time last year.

graffiti near Muiderberg


... when a man has reached the age of thirty, as Orlando now had, time when he is thinking becomes inordinately long; time when he is doing becomes inordinately short.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography

Orlando had to keep waiting in the rain while I had my dinner.

Stell dir vor immer wenn du Pause machst müssen die Charaktere im Buch warten bis du endlich weiter liest.

One Gigasecond.

Should I feel old now? Or just change the way of counting?

Paid to fail.

One recent study determined that European universities spend roughly 1.4 billion euros a year on failed grant applications.

David Graeber: Bullshit Jobs

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