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Es gibt so viele Fragen in dem Verhältnis zu geliebten Menschen, über die der Bau des gemeinsamen Lebens hinausgeführt werden muß, bevor sie zu Ende gedacht sind, und später läßt das Gewordene keine Kraft mehr frei, um es sich anders auch nur vorzustellen.

Robert Musil: Die Vollendung der Liebe

Still no CoC in CCC.

Ach, CCC.

Unless Uniqueness.

It is not a good idea to name a state after its valuation.

Hans van Ditmarsch, Wiebe van der Hoek & Barteld Kooi: Dynamic Epistemic Logic


Consistency is only a matter of the proof system we agree on.

Backing Down.

Making backups is meditation. Though not as much as it would have been in the analogue age.

Depending on Traditions.

Determinacy would probably be a better term for this notion, but we stick to dependency for the sake of consistency with the existing literature.

Ivano Ciardelli: Questions as information types


My only thought about the superbowl is my friend watching it and allowing me to stay at his place without asking questions.

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