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Τονι'σ Σνακβαρ.

Jetzt wissen wir es: Fast food is(s)t Tradition.


The joke was that Hungarian scientists are actually descendants of a Martian scout force which landed in Budapest around the year 1900, and later departed after the planet was found unsuitable, but leaving behind children by several Earth women, children who all became the famous scientists. John von Neumann used a number of facts as mock evidence to support this claim, such as the close geographic proximity of the Martians' birthplaces; the well-traceable career path, which started with an interest in chemistry, led the individual in question to German universities where he moved towards physics, at which point the Martian left Europe for the US.

Wikipedia: The Martians (scientists)


Disney and Apple/Microsoft are in the same business: short-circuiting laborious, explicit verbal communication with expensively designed interfaces.

Neal Stephenson: In the Beginning was the Command Line


Maar de geschiedenis kent geen startschoten, enkel een aaneenrijgen van flardjes draad door de eeuwen heen, rafelig touw, samengeklitte lompen.

David van Reybrouck: Zink

Strucditional Ignoriolence.

Die mangelnde Heranziehung von Frauen zu öffentlichen Ämtern und ihre geringe Beteiligung in den Parlamenten ist doch schlicht Verfassungsbruch in Permanenz.

Elisabeth Selbert (1981)


[...] a few internal-combustion hobbyists starting up their primitive full-lane vehicles, the louder the better.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age

Станислав Евграфович Петров II.

Good bye, dear savior. Let's hope we learned more from you than how do make good (docu)drama. We should at least add yours to the "not to be replaced by super-fast AI" list of jobs.

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