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Reality check: as of 2019 the average person in the Netherlands eats one entire chicken per month.

Carbon Surprises.

In a sense, the few Bitcoin transactions I have done last year may have ended up corresponding to several hundred kilos of CO2e on their own. I would never have guessed.

a3nm: Estimating carbon footprints: what is 1 ton of CO2e?


In Nederland worden 1,7 miljoen dieren per dag geslacht. 75% hiervan is voor de export.

GroenLinks Standpunten: Stikstof

Hoher Norden.

Norwegians love per capita statistics, for the simple reason that many indicators when divided by a small population will make Norway rank relatively high.

Johan Galtung: A Structural Theory of Aggression (1964)


Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, and I probably forgot something — you are much better at keeping track of us.

Asextual Androids.

People who own iPhones are twice as likely to sext as people who use Androids.

Aziz Ansari: Modern Romance