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I wanted to tell her I understood, but part of understanding was knowing that telling her that would only make her nervous.

Meredith Russo: If I Was Your Girl


If the Universe came to an end every time there was some uncertainty about what had happened in it, it would never have got beyond the first picosecond. And many of course don't. It's like a human body, you see. A few cuts and bruises here and there don't hurt it. Not even major surgery if it's done properly. Paradoxes are just the scar tissue. Time and space heal themselves up around them and people simply remember a version of events which makes as much sense as they require it to make.

Douglas Adams: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

quoted by Long Distance Calling in Flux


Freiheit ist immer die Freiheit des Andersdenkenden.

Aber was ist, wenn der andere denkt, dass alle das gleiche denken sollen?

Nico Semsroot feat. Rosa Luxemburg (ca. 18:08)


It's a shame that outlawing bureaucracy would probably just lead to even more of it.


Here’s the trick that I’ll use — and it’s simple to do.
I’ll define a procedure, which I will call Q,
that will use P’s predictions of halting success
to stir up a terrible logical mess.



Demokratieverdrossene Nichtwähler gewinnen Wahlen, während engagierte Demokraten mit dem Wählen aufhören. Intellektuelle Zeitungen arbeiten für die Überwindung des Humanismus, während populistische Schundblätter an den Idealen der Aufklärung festhalten.

Juli Zeh: Leere Herzen

Tea, Blood and Beer.

The tea leaf paradox describes a phenomenon where tea leaves in a cup of tea migrate to the center and bottom of the cup after being stirred rather than being forced to the edges of the cup, as would be expected in a spiral centrifuge. [...] The solution first came from Albert Einstein in a 1926 paper [...]

Wikipedia: Tea leaf paradox

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