Schlagwort: Empathie


He is not envious, but emulous of your attainments.

Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights


I wanted to tell her I understood, but part of understanding was knowing that telling her that would only make her nervous.

Meredith Russo: If I Was Your Girl


So there you have it. Science, in all its branches, is our most sophisticated and objective means to investigate reality. And at the same time, scientists – many of them – cultivate this stance of ironic detachment from reality, afraid of making claims about how we should lead our lives. Science is the most conspicuous product of modernism, while the common attitude among scientists is more aptly described as postmodern.

Jan van Eijck: Reality


Caring implies criticizing.

Clipping Wings.

We all care too much about not caring enough

Deaf Havana: The World Or Nothing