Schlagwort: Überwachung


If I still cannot read your website after turning off more than half of my browser add-ons, I'll give up.


It should be illegal to print a QR code leading to a different URL than the one printed next to it.


It's a fascinating new operational security wrinkle that relies on the popularity and ubiquity of Apple's Ios devices; foiling it requires not just that a spy facility be mobile-phone-free, but that all the facilities that deliver its mail also adopt this measure.

Cory Doctorow: Outing German spy agencies by mailing them Airtags

Watching the Watchers.

Als reactie op de inzet van burgerwaarnemers, zetten de politiebonden nu zelf ook waarnemers in om burgerwaarnemers te controleren.

NOS: Veelbesproken proef preventief fouilleren van start in Amsterdam (2021-09-01)


Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist aufwändiger, unheimlicher und seltsamer.