Schlagwort-Archiv: Wahrheit

Nur nicht zu.

Alles, was wahr ist, ist schön.

Kurt Barnert in Werk ohne Autor


Holding out for something new
The lies we try to tell
Of broken dreams and heartbreak
Release me from your spell

In Flames: Deep Inside

Entfernt wichtig.

Making an effort to find something unimportant is a strange but frequent phenomenon.

Freak out if you wanna.

And I'm not saying that the effort is a waste of time, but I
Just love you for the things you couldn't change though you tried

Ben Folds: Learn To Live With What You Are

High Blood.

Better believe the sea of changes
And put these battered bones to rest
Nothing invisible or nameless
Leave no reason to confess

The Naked and Famous: Higher


Our metaphysics determines what makes sense to us. What happens when we take a vacation from our metaphysical worldview? Lots of crazy, wonderful things.

Jan van Eijck: Truth in Troubled Times

Es sei denn, einer stellt dumme Fragen.

Das Rätsel will ich lösen!
Logik, Logik, zur Wahrheit führt nur Logik!

Abronsius, in Tanz der Vampire: Wahrheit

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