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Der Fels ward einstmals ein Gebirge
Und ragte tief ins Himmelblau
Vom Fels zu Staub und neu erschaffen
Liegt im Vergangenen das Ewige

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Mmmh

Full House Cover.

Bude voll people

Deichkind feat. RTO, (not really?) covering Marilyn Manson


This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world

Nightwish: The Islander

Baptized with a perfect name.

Caress the one, the Never-Fading
Rain in your heart -- the tears of snow-white sorrow

Nightwish: Amaranth

A mask(ulinity) that's wearing me.

This is why you never see your father cry

Idles: Samaritans

Bij alles wat ik doe.

Ik kan het niet hebben als het avonds is

oh, want 's avonds mis ik je vaak

Suzan & Freek: Als Het Avond Is

Turn trade.

What are the tricks of the trade? “I’m not sure I should tell you,” Oldham said. “Dry hands are a particular problem. But you don’t want to see someone licking their fingers onstage. I ball my left-hand into a fist and cover it with my right while I’m waiting.” Inanimate scores can present unforeseen problems. New ones have unbroken spines so the pages won’t always stay put when turned; before a concert Oldham will crinkle the corners of pages and rough up the score a little to make sure it cooperates when the moment comes.

Benjamin Poore: Turning Over - Why Page Turners Matter

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