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Broadcast the boom⁴.

I overthink your p-punctuation use

Lorde: The Lourve

Even in winter.

I just wanted you to know,

that, baby, you're the best.

Lana del Rey: Summertime Sadness


Du hast facebook.

Ich hab Feuerwehr.

MC ST feat. EVENTPHONE: Ich hab Feuerwehr


Waar je altijd bang voor de host wordt

omdat je geroast wordt

Zondag met Lubach ft. Sosha Duysker: Ga niet naar Nieuwsuur

The Great Mistake.

On television

kings and queens

live the lives of peoples dreams

you and i are human beings

leaving, breathing things

Beth Ditto: We Could Run

Frei Tag.

Time to rest now and to finish the show.

Nightwish: Alpenglow

Time Trance.

Merging the rational with the romantic, psychedelic trance bridges the gap between different eras of human history.

About | Ektoplazm: What Is Psychedelic Trance?

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