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Might be harder to tell based purely on colour & smell... for avocados we'd need some sort of a squeeze-o-meter. Like, maybe... AVOKOALADO! A koala who gently hugs your avocado, and when it's perfectly ripe they sing a little avocado song and wiggle their ears. Yeah. That'd work.



Zuhause ist wo man alle Pullis anziehen kann die herumliegen.

I hope he doesn't ruin the party.

Na, schon die Kiste ausgepackt?


Nee, ich steh' niemals wieder auf, ich
halt's nicht aus, es ist so flauschig.

Grossstadtgeflüster: Meine Couch


According to Dunbar’s hypothesis, then, at some point in our evolutionary history, we traded much of the intimacy of grooming for the efficiency of gossip, which was necessary to allow our ancestors to live in larger groups.

Inge Slingerland, Maurice Mulder, Rineke Verbrugge: A multi-agent systems approach to gossip and the evolution of language (2009)


Wuttiraden, klingt eigentlich ganz knuffig.


I don’t mind my world shrinking. In fact, I quite like it sometimes. In summer, I generally talk too much and as Carl Jung said, ‘I need many days of silence to recover from the futility of words.’ I spend more time with my kids. I sleep more. I read more.

Rob Penn: My World Shrinks in Winter

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