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Load Balancing via Sleeping.

"Selfenrollment will be available to students from ... 7:30. Reason for this early time of the day is that this will reduce the load on the system. Experience shows that students often and in large numbers try to refresh the page for selfenrollment before it comes available, what may lead to a slow system. Early in the morning the number of online (awake) students will be lower, thereby reducing this peak load."

Blackboard Learn

Thought I was unbreakable.

Please heal me, I can't sleep

In Flames: Delight And Angers

2 4 4 U.

It must be about four o'clock, thought Moist. Four o'clock! I hate it when there are two four o'clocks in the same day...

Terry Pratchett: Making Money

Make Love Not LEDs.

Remember that even on night mode, a phone is shooting light into your brain. Have sex with someone instead. Or, sometimes preferable, read something on paper.

James Hamblin: How to Sleep


I always dream too much and never sleep enough

Deaf Havana: Little White Lies


Dies frühzeitige Aufstehen macht einen ganz blödsinnig. Der Mensch muß seinen Schlaf haben.

Franz Kafka: Die Verwandlung

Ich weiß es geht dir mittelmäßig.

Ausschlafen einpacken und versch[ic/en]ken, das wär's.

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