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My eyes, my choice.

If Facebook delivered an equally flexible, sophisticated message-reading system to its users, those users could defend themselves against being nonconsensually eyeball-fucked with Donald Trump headlines.

Cory Doctorow: How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism


Redundanz ist gut, Redundanz ist besser. - Von Kamelen und Webseiten

Shit figured out.

You taught me that you can say anything you can think.

Amanda Palmer: Judy Blume


The concept of a retreat didn't make sense to me until I realized that it was how I lived my entire life.

Neil Stephenson: Anathem

Rage as a fabric, through and through.

Forget I said it
I soliloquize

Christine and the Queens - Doesn't matter

The Pizza Scale.

  • Let someone else call a pizza delivery service for you.
  • Call a pizza delivery service
  • Go to a pizzeria.
  • Let someone else get frozen pizza at a supermarket.
  • Get frozen pizza from a supermarket.
  • Buy pizza dough at a supermarket.
  • Buy flour, tomato sauce and cheese at the supermarket.
  • Grow your own tomatoes.
  • Cycle to a farm to buy flour.
  • Grow your own flour.
  • ...


Imagine something of your very own
Something you can have and hold

Blondie: Dreaming

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