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There was no discernible signal in the data from the global economic disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

NOAA Research: Carbon dioxide peaks near 420 parts per million at Mauna Loa observatory


You’ve spent time in Amsterdam, which may give you some idea of what London is like, except that London is not nearly as well organized.

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver


Essentially it is a system for the processing of raw children into processed children.

Johan Galtung: Schooling and Future Society (1974)


The GDP rises whenever money changes hands. When families break down and children require foster care, the GDP grows, but not so when parents successfully care for their children. People who max out their credit cards buying things they don’t need make the GDP look good. People who save their money and live sensibly don’t. Seen through such a lens, the most economically productive people are cancer patients in the midst of getting a divorce. Healthy people in happy marriages, in contrast, are economically invisible, and all the more so if they cook at home, walk to work, grow food in a home garden, and don’t smoke.

John Robbins: What is Real Wealth?
(yes! magazine 2010-8-31)


Anything that grows multiplicatively grows faster (all else being equal) when pooling and sharing reduces fluctuations.

Marc Elsberg: Farmers Fable,
animated at

Everything, Rewritten by Software.

Just when I thought advertisement could not get more dystopic.


It stretches the imagination to think of the days when the British did not have their chips, the Italians lacked tomatoes and polenta (made with maize, or sweetcorn) and the Indians, the Thais and the Koreans did not eat any chillies.

Ha-Joon Chang: Economics: The User's Guide

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