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M-x control-air-traffic.

A week later - I helped out finishing the 4GL UI in the meantime and completed the messaging protocol - he called me in, quite happy. He showed me the code - page after page of Emacs Lisp, with exactly zero comments "because Lisp is self-documenting". I got scared, it was an air traffic control system after all, [...]

/u/cdegroot answering Do you use Emacs Lisp as a general purpose programming language?

To a time of jolly and gay.

Come and take my robe

We will fly away

Majestica: Ghost Of Christmas Past


She described her own situation without saying a word – dipping Oreo cookies in Whisky.

A Star.

I introduced the A* notation with the thought that our algorithm (A*) was better than any other algorithm, better than anyone else's algorithm A, and we're gonna prove it!

Peter Hart, as cited in A* Search: What's in a Name? by James W. Davis, Jeff Hachtel (


Ein Portemonnaie. Neben dem Organspendeausweis steckt eine Freibierdauerkarte.

Stars shine brightest when it gets real dark.

'cause I'm exactly where I wanna be.
Always have, always will.
Ain't no fuckin' stoppin' me.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: Amazing Disgrace


My female neighbour came to pick up a package the other day and she told me her female landlord has reduced their rent because of the front doorbell not working for so long.

Jacinta Nandi: you know you been in Germany too long when….

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