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When the spectacle swallows the true story.

Kissing in the rain
Stargazing once again
Old clichés still remain but i want my own endings
No false solutions
No safe illusions
Come along with me, into a real dream

Battle Beast: No More Hollywood Endings


If I had the power to reach into culture and rearrange what and how people learn about relationships, I would be encouraging polyamory as the norm, and monogamy as the advanced, only meant for the most experienced.

Michael McDonald: A Polyamorist View of Monogamy

The best we have until HTCPCP becomes a standard.

ISO 3103 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (commonly referred to as ISO), specifying a standardized method for brewing tea, possibly sampled by the standardized methods described in ISO 1839.

Wikipedia: ISO 3103

A mask(ulinity) that's wearing me.

This is why you never see your father cry

Idles: Samaritans

But wait until they find our flow-charts.

Quick, in high school were you ever told not to date your old girlfriend’s current boyfriend’s old girlfriend? Or your old boyfriend’s current girlfriend’s old boyfriend? Probably not. But I bet you never did, either.

Kieran Healy: Love is a Battlefield Spanning-Tree Network with no 4-Cycles


There are only a few people with whom I can casually talk about hair.


There was a common issue that has since been fixed where boyfriend photos were accidentally posted instead of girlfriends. We have since corrected the issue and removed all posts made in error.

lifefaker: Why has my girlfriend turned into a boyfriend?

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