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Apples too.

Nobody says they have a windows boyfriend but actually those are all over the place?

Tussenvoegsel Dropdown.

Every culture has its unjustified global assumptions that end up in source code as law.


This widespread policy in business communication made bottom and inline posting so unknown among most users that some of the most popular email programs no longer support the traditional posting style. For example, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, and Yahoo! make it difficult or impossible to indicate which part of a message is the quoted original or do not let users insert comments between parts of the original.

Wikipedia: Posting style


The first thing which struck me was "jeez, that's a lot of songs!"

Nico Cartron: Review of Archive's latest album "Calls to Arms & Angels" 

When the spectacle swallows the true story.

Kissing in the rain
Stargazing once again
Old clichés still remain but i want my own endings
No false solutions
No safe illusions
Come along with me, into a real dream

Battle Beast: No More Hollywood Endings


If I had the power to reach into culture and rearrange what and how people learn about relationships, I would be encouraging polyamory as the norm, and monogamy as the advanced, only meant for the most experienced.

Michael McDonald: A Polyamorist View of Monogamy

The best we have until HTCPCP becomes a standard.

ISO 3103 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (commonly referred to as ISO), specifying a standardized method for brewing tea, possibly sampled by the standardized methods described in ISO 1839.

Wikipedia: ISO 3103

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