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Big in the (E)U(SSR).

We present evidence that the number of trips matters for more citations but longer distances are only associated with higher citation numbers for European academics.

Konstantinos Chalvatzis, Peter L. Ormosi: The carbon impact of flying to economics conferences: is flying more associated with more citations?

Die drei dritt­mäch­tigs­ten.

ZEIT: ... wenn wir trotz­dem ein­mal kurz in die­sem Den­ken blei­ben, dann wä­re der chi­ne­si­sche Staats­prä­si­dent Xi Jin­ping na­tür­lich der zweit­mäch­tigs­te Mensch der Welt. Aber wer wä­re dann der dritt­mäch­tigs­te, Frau von der Ley­en?

Von der Ley­en: Wis­sen Sie, Macht ist in der EU von ganz an­de­rer Art, sie ist kom­ple­xer und kol­lek­ti­ver. Da muss und will auch ei­ne Kom­mis­si­ons­prä­si­den­tin Rück­sicht neh­men auf ein Par­la­ment und 27 Staats- und Re­gie­rungs­chefs, da wird dann oft ge­run­gen, wir sind auch nicht so schnell wie an­de­re. Aber wenn wir dann mal ei­ne Ei­ni­gung er­zielt ha­ben, dann hat die ei­ne un­ge­heu­re Kraft und Wucht. So ist eben Eu­ro­pa. Und ich fin­de es gut so.

DIE ZEIT 47/2020, Seite 2


So for instance, if your laptop is made in China, your shoes in Indonesia, your jeans in Bangladesh, your jacket in India, your coffee in Kenya, your smartphone in South Korea and your beef in Brazil — then basically none of that will appear as emissions within the EU. And a short train ride from Cologne to Aachen will result in more emissions that will be counted as EU’s responsibility than a flight to Buenos Aires or Bangkok and back again.

Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg, Adélaïde Charlier, Anuna de Wever van der Heyden: The EU is cheating with numbers — and stealing our future

Extra legal.

Could everyone doing business in the EU please stop saying "GDPR compliant"? Not breaking the law is not a bonus feature.


Wer so denkt, muss selbst Europäer*in sein oder eine*r von den Privilegierten, die sich in diesem Raum bewegen dürfen. Denn von Anfang an war Schengen auch das Abkommen der geschlossenen Grenzen.

Susan Djahangard (taz): 35 Jahre Schengen: Freiheit nur im Innern


The joke was that Hungarian scientists are actually descendants of a Martian scout force which landed in Budapest around the year 1900, and later departed after the planet was found unsuitable, but leaving behind children by several Earth women, children who all became the famous scientists. John von Neumann used a number of facts as mock evidence to support this claim, such as the close geographic proximity of the Martians' birthplaces; the well-traceable career path, which started with an interest in chemistry, led the individual in question to German universities where he moved towards physics, at which point the Martian left Europe for the US.

Wikipedia: The Martians (scientists)


Based on recital 32, actions such as scrolling or swiping through a webpage or similar user activity will not under any circumstances satisfy the requirement of a clear and affirmative action:such actions may be difficult to distinguish from other activity or interaction by a user and therefore determining that an unambiguous consent has been obtained will also not be possible. Furthermore,in such a case, it will be difficult to provide a way for the user to withdraw consent in a manner that is as easy as granting it.

European Data Protection Board: Guidelines 05/2020 on consent under Regulation 2016/679

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