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Porn should not be understood as an avant-garde “art form” allowing for the creativity and playfulness of independent directors, performers, and producers. It needs to be understood as a business whose product evolves with a specifically capitalist logic. Moreover, this is a business with considerable political clout, with the capacity to lobby politicians, engage in expensive legal battles, and use public relations to influence public debate. As with the tobacco industry, this is not a simple matter of consumer choice; rather, the business is increasingly able to deploy a sophisticated and well-resourced marketing machine.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality

This article connects to seven Google domains.

Google und Co. verschleiern erstens ihre Profitabsichten, intensivieren zweitens Programme der umfassenden Überwachung ohne reelle Opt-Outs, und arbeiten durch eine umfassende Strategie der emotionalen Einbindung drittens daran, uns zu den orientierungslosen, überforderten, hilflosen und weltblinden Subjekten zu formen, die sich ihr Leben nicht mehr ohne die Dienstleistungen von Internetkonzernen vorstellen können.

Jorinde Schulz: Halt die Fresse, Google (Ada Magazin, 2018-09-18)


But if it’s a purely abstract competition set up between insiders to the exclusion of outsiders, it might feel like a competition, it might feel very challenging and stressful and hard to the people doing it, but it doesn’t actually do anything for anybody else. It’s no longer genuinely productive for anybody, it’s a fake.

Jaron Lanier Interview on What Went Wrong With the Internet


With today’s smartphones, you usually get a minimal set of functionalities out of the box and go through installing diverse applications for your different needs. Usually those applications are proprietary and are designed around their own unethical business model; hence they compete against each other for your attention and have their own set of features to be used within the scope of the application only.

This can lead to a lot of redundancy and confusion in terms of functionality. A particularly blatant case is communication applications, where we see each application handling their own contacts logic, their own locked down and isolated protocol, and where a ton of applications will implement the same things for the same purpose (making calls and sending messages), with the focus typically being the flashiest application to attract and retain the most users.

François Téchené (purism): Design report #4: symbiotic applications 


Aber uns'ren Bass, den könnt ihr nicht gentrifizieren

Jan Delay: St. Pauli (Beginner Remix)


Corporations built to maximize profits are unable to build consensual platforms.

Dmytri Kleiner: Mr. Peel Goes to Cyberspace

Die Fabrik im Unipelz.

The fact that there may be other animals around does not make the presence of the Wolf less significant or threatening.

Willem Halffman & Hans Radder: The Academic Manifesto: From an Occupied to a Public University

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