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Naming ternary functions is hard.

The Conversation.

I love the terminal, the shell, bash, the command line. I discovered it during a time of extreme digital burnout and this discovery was honestly one of the most important parts of my life. Because you are cool, and likely my friend (or future friend!), I want to share the command line with you. the map is the territory


Are you convinced by this explanation? Because I’m not. If this is all about slow websites, why not calculate the page load times locally and transmit only the slow ones? This still wouldn’t be great for privacy but an order of magnitude better than what Xiaomi actually implemented. Xiaomi really needs to try harder if we are to assume incompetence rather than malice here. How was it decided that sending all visited addresses is a good compromise? Was privacy even considered in that decision? Would they still make the same decision today? And if not, how did they adapt their processes to reflect this?

Almost Secure: Are Xiaomi browsers spyware? Yes, they are… (2020-05-04)

M-x control-air-traffic.

A week later - I helped out finishing the 4GL UI in the meantime and completed the messaging protocol - he called me in, quite happy. He showed me the code - page after page of Emacs Lisp, with exactly zero comments "because Lisp is self-documenting". I got scared, it was an air traffic control system after all, [...]

/u/cdegroot answering Do you use Emacs Lisp as a general purpose programming language?

Partial Politics.

Partial functions are the antithesis of this concept. They allow you to say "yeah dude, I can totally give you the first value in an empty list." Partial functions are like politicians: you can tell they're lying because their lips are moving. ("But Michael," you say. "Functions don't have lips!" Whatever, I'm waxing poetical.)

Alright, so plenty of languages screw this up. Haskell tells those languages "hold my beer."

Michael Snoyman: Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 2

Check in Peace.

Suddenly it is time to say good bye to one of my PhD thesis heroes.

Gender Doom.

I hate it when people exploit memory bugs in my gender destruction functions and sideload Doom into my gender.

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