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Moore's Money.

The impact of having the fastest growing forum software in the world created by an organization whose then-leader was willing to state that he doesn't really care about users who aren't "influential users who spend money", who don't have access to "infinite CPU speed", is that a lot of forums are now inaccessible to people who don't have enough wealth to buy a device with effectively infinite CPU. How web bloat impacts users with slow devices

Define inclusivly.

I’d rather live in a world that embraces change and welcomes more people into our craft than one that raises barriers to entry.

Jan Gregor Emge-Triebel: Whats's in a programmer

Teaching takes two.

Be concrete.
Be focused.
Be open.
Be kind.

Peter Berger: No Garden of Eden - Functional Programming and the Myth of Ruining Programmers (YT)

Auf einem Gnu in die weite Ferne.

Meine Codezeilen haben anfangs Hippies geschrieben
Von ihrem Pazifismus ist nicht viel geblieben
Ich bin echt nicht glücklich und nicht einverstanden
Ich als Bombensteuerung soll auf Menschen landen

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Free text, not a dropdown.

Can we please just repurpose all the "title" database fields for pronouns instead?