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Check in Peace.

Suddenly it is time to say good bye to one of my PhD thesis heroes.

Gender Doom.

I hate it when people exploit memory bugs in my gender destruction functions and sideload Doom into my gender.

@Foone on Twitter

Excel lent.

When the persons after Jan are suddenly called Feb and Mar, and when genes need to be renamed, then maybe, just maybe, we should reevaluate the software we are using?


Expect lots of weird symbols and stuff, as the project is on formal logic. 😉

Ramon: New! Fresh! A Blog!

C Email O.

I read a lot more email than I write, because what my job really is — in the end, my job is to say no.


So commit messages to me are almost as important as the code change itself.


A lot of open source in general is about communication. And part of it is the commit messages, part of it is just the email going back and forth. Communicating what you're trying to do or communicating why something doesn't work for you is really important.

Linus Torvalds: 'I Do No Coding Any More'


However cryptocurrency does not provide any technical answers to the inefficiencies since its entire existence is purely predicated on the appeal as a speculative investment first and not on its efficacy to transmit value.

Stephen Diehl: The Haskell Elephant in the Room

Soft Skills.

PHP is a hell of a language.

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