Schlagwort: Programmieren

Teaching takes two.

Be concrete.
Be focused.
Be open.
Be kind.

Peter Berger: No Garden of Eden - Functional Programming and the Myth of Ruining Programmers (YT)

Auf einem Gnu in die weite Ferne.

Meine Codezeilen haben anfangs Hippies geschrieben
Von ihrem Pazifismus ist nicht viel geblieben
Ich bin echt nicht glücklich und nicht einverstanden
Ich als Bombensteuerung soll auf Menschen landen

Systemabsturz: Archbombe

Free text, not a dropdown.

Can we please just repurpose all the "title" database fields for pronouns instead?

Type-Safe Burnchain.

This function will run for about 32 hours while your transaction propagates through the bitcoin mempool, then through a bunch of coal-guzzling server farms in Xinjiang. This ultimately burns through an acre of rainforest in the Amazon, but we can ignore that because it’s an unobservable side effect. If the market is good it will eventually evaluate and yield a response. The result is wrapped in a Either value where the right success value will contain the result of your function or a left failure value in the case where you’ve been outbid. If you’ve been outbid, you’ll simply have to bid higher to evaluate your code because that’s how code under capitalism works.

Stephen Diehl: FPTs: Pure Fungibility on the Blockchain (2021-04-01)

Login TV.

Whoever thought playing a video on a login page to be used every day needs to readjust their definition of usability.