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He collected these together and put them in a cardboard file which he marked "Things To Do". Since he was feeling so vigorous and dynamic that morning, he even added the word "Urgent!"

Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Just one more.

academics will literally take on a new project while already doing 80 hour work weeks instead of going to therapy.


Work pressure from outer space.

Typo of the day: DEADLIEN.

Just do it.

Productivity is a hell of a drug.


Ironically, the way that stress is relieved in someone with high cortisol levels is by increased stress rather than less. With heightened stress, the body’s own soothing opiates kick in. Cruelly, tightly coiled individuals can’t get relief until they become really uptight.

Susie Orbach: Bodies (2009)

NWO’tje spelen.

NWO, die jaarlijks bijna een miljard euro verdeelt onder wetenschappers, wil bovendien waar mogelijk de strakke deadlines op het indienen van onderzoeksvoorstellen afschaffen en een systeem van ‘doorlopend indienen’ invoeren. Dat voorkomt, zegt Duisenberg, dat onderzoekers „moeten rennen om het hekje te halen en voortdurend bezig zijn met korte sprints”.

NRC (2020-01-13): Universiteiten en NWO willen af van voortdurende stress rond onderzoeksaanvragen

Busy New Year.

Please reconsider the deadline of the veni grant for next year. By choosing a deadline right after the Christmas break, you are contributing to an unhealthy research culture, which ultimately might even lead to young researchers leaving the field.

Felienne: Open letter to NWO (2013)

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