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Busy New Year.

Please reconsider the deadline of the veni grant for next year. By choosing a deadline right after the Christmas break, you are contributing to an unhealthy research culture, which ultimately might even lead to young researchers leaving the field.

Felienne: Open letter to NWO (2013)


It's finally clicking for me that everyone is playing sort of a frantic game of end-of-term whack-a-mole trying to clear their own decks by punting everything into someone else's inbox before the end of the year. (to mix all the metaphors)

Rebecca Welzenbach (@rwelzenb)

Logoff failed.

Current work-load level: Regularly typing my work desktop password into my private laptop.


Pünktlichkeit ist die Kunst, richtig abzuschätzen, um wie viel sich die anderen verspäten werden.


Guter Nachsatz.

Mehr Mut zur Lücke!

Come out and chill.

We zijn hier natuurlijk wel om goed werk te leveren. Maar het zou moeten gaan om de kwaliteit van je onderzoek, en niet om zoveel mogelijk uren inklokken in de publicatiefabriek.

Thereza Langeler: Tijd voor de balanstrut (


If you have bugs, please call me and don't stress for it!
I will back laler!


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