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If you have bugs, please call me and don't stress for it!
I will back laler!


Simple Days.

My best days are with you
They are so easy

The Subways: With You


So we meet again, deadline on the milk package.

Even in hindsight.

It's really hard to know when to stop.


You can get a lot done in ten millenia if you put your mind to it.

Neal Stephenson: Anathem


I have had a very fun time. It was enormously enjoyable, I loved it all, and was glad I got to see it.

not the last words of Jason Scott

(Don't) know your priorities.

At this point you may be asking, “How about the important tasks at the top of the list, that one never does?” Admittedly, there is a potential problem here.

Structured Procrastination. Do less. Think more.

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