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Private Zusammenkünfte zeichnen sich zudem darüber aus, dass die Teilnehmerzahl dem Veranstaltenden persönlich bekannt und durch diesen begrenzt ist.

Hessen: Auslegungshinweise Cokobev


I'd filed it away as a place where you could probably meet with someone in private without being disturbed or surveilled I make a habit out of noting those things, because I am paranoid and I am right to be paranoid.

Cory Doctorow: Force Multiplier


Eben zeigen sie einem noch wie man Pommes mit Eis isst, und kurz drauf erzählen sie ihre Karriere im Firmenblog.

Social Distancing.

Not meeting people is easy.

Selecting the people to meet is hard.

Ask and give.

In short, there was nothing for it but to ask her in and give her a glass of wine.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography


Chairs and tables, however richly gilt and carved, sofas, resting on lions' paws with swans' necks curving under them, beds even of the softest swansdown are not by themselves enough. People sitting in them, people lying in them improve them amazingly.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography

Stars shine brightest when it gets real dark.

'cause I'm exactly where I wanna be.
Always have, always will.
Ain't no fuckin' stoppin' me.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: Amazing Disgrace

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