Schlagwort: Begegnungen


Nachher auf der Straße dachte er, daß sie sich neulich am Telefon näher gewesen waren als während der ganzen Begegnung heute abend.

Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen

All the birthdays, all the worst days.

Turn up after all these years just to say goodbye

Zoe Wees: Daddy's Eyes


He was gathering a bouquet to award to his lady love whenever she showed up. The fundamental laws of the universe governing young men waiting for young ladies applied here as everywhere else, and consequently it was becoming a very large arrangement.

Neal Stephenson: The System of the World

And when may one blog about it?

What is the policy to whom you may write on their birthday when you barely know each other?

The world keeps on turning.

Now that I've found you
I'm not going to leave you

Anathema: The Lost Song, Part 3