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Ask and give.

In short, there was nothing for it but to ask her in and give her a glass of wine.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography


Chairs and tables, however richly gilt and carved, sofas, resting on lions' paws with swans' necks curving under them, beds even of the softest swansdown are not by themselves enough. People sitting in them, people lying in them improve them amazingly.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography

Stars shine brightest when it gets real dark.

'cause I'm exactly where I wanna be.
Always have, always will.
Ain't no fuckin' stoppin' me.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: Amazing Disgrace


There was a lull while Hackworth and Finkle-McGraw watched the little scenes; one of the hazards of living in a world filled with mediatrons was that conversations were always being interrupted in this way, and that explained why Atlantans tried to keep mediatronic commodities to a minimum.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age


Pünktlichkeit ist die Kunst, richtig abzuschätzen, um wie viel sich die anderen verspäten werden.



Miteinander reden klappt am besten wenn beide alle beteiligten das wollen.


Es tut gut wieder zu wissen dass du lachst.

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