Schlagwort: Kryptographie

Future Prophecies.

  • an intuitive and feature rich theorem prover language. one that both mathematicians with an interest in programming and programmers with an interest in maths can start to use without too much hassle. in 2122 you won't graduate from your maths degree without knowing how to prove theorems with a computer.
  • intuitive and feature rich formal verification frameworks for the major programming languages. in 2122, ADA SPARK will not be your only option for critical software.
  • extensive use and major discoveries regarding homomorphic encryption. many services will be required by law to only process data in this manner. in 2122 fully E2E encrypted applications will offer a wide degree of functionalities that is currently only possible through services which can read you data in the clear.

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Update 18 November: Based on the majority of feedback, we will not continue the discussion or explore this topic any further, as it is rather clear that the LibreOffice community is not interested. Thanks to everyone who let us know what they think.

The Document Foundation Blog: LibreOffice and blockchain: What cool things are possible?

The Dining List Problem.


A prime pair age! But probably not cryptographically useful.


Breaking a 128-bit key would take 264 times longer than a day, or fifty million billion years. By that time, I might even be pardoned.

Edward Snowden: Permanent Record