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Beziehungsfrage des Tages: Bei wem würdest du ein Backup hinterlassen? Bei wem nur ein verschlüsseltes?


I wake up in the morning, the smartphone no longer sleeps at my side, almost no wifi passes through my house. The coffee machine and the refrigerator are free from the internet of things, they do not connect to Starfucks + Monosanto to send my consumer data. On the table there is a tablet built to last for life. All my devices are encrypted by default and come from a local factory a few kilometres away.

Some years ago, some biohackers popularised the use of bacteria and trace elements for storing digital information. Moore's law was broken. Planned obsolescence was made illegal. The cycles of war, hunger and injustice created by the extraction of minerals and the mass production of technologies, gradually disappeared. At school we generated encryption keys: in Primary School using antiquated technologies like GPG, and later using processes based on the analysis of our sound imprint when having an orgasm.

Alex Haché: Technological Sovereignty: Learning to love machines again in: Technological Sovereignty, Vol. 2

Federate or Fool.

Once we know that, perhaps we can create a blind idiot God for the Internet.

Adam Ierymenko: Decentralization: I Want To Believe


Robot Humor.

Bitcoin does not use RSA, instead it uses elliptic curve cryptography based on the curve secp256k1. Our attack cannot be directly applied to that. However if you transform a quantum key exchange to a supersingular Isogeny you can attack post-quantum RSA and thus apply our attack indirectly to secp256k1.

We believe the only way Bitcoin can defend against this is to immediately switch to Quantum Blockchains.

The ROBOT Attack: Can this attack be used against Bitcoin?

Common Secrecy.

Imagine I used a pass-phrase to encrypt a message to you. If you had to guess it without any hints, what would it be? Vice versa, which pass-phrase would you choose? And what would you expect me to expect you to choose?


Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness?
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?

Linkin Park: By Myself

Weakcryption is Noncryption.

Enough of this bogus "strong encryption is important, but... the children" crap. The children need strong encryption. The victims of crimes need encryption. The victims of terrorists need encryption. Undermining all that because just a tiny bit of information is inaccessible to law enforcement is crazy. It's giving up the entire ballgame to those with malicious intent, just so that we can have a bit more information in a few narrow cases.

Mike Masnick: President Obama Is Wrong On Encryption; Claims The Realist View Is 'Absolutist'

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