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Political Remix.

Das Bizarre am Silicon Valley ist, dass einige Ideale ganz auf der linken Seite sind und andere ganz auf der rechten. Auf der linken befürworten wir das Piratenpartei-Denken, dass alles frei, also kostenlos sein sollte. Musik etwa. Auf der rechten Seite sagen wir, alles sollte nicht vom Staat, sondern von Unternehmern gemacht werden wie Steve Jobs oder Bill Gates. Und nun haben wir als Ergebnis Multimilliardär-Monopole. Wir haben eine seltsame Beziehung von absolut libertären und absolut sozialistischen Idealen gemixt.

Jaron Lanier im taz Interview


If I ever want to change my app settings, I can always text my friend and ask for the pin—but for me, I find this social layer makes a big difference. Having a friend in charge of the pin is somewhere between BDSM and making your intention concrete through spectacle, like with marriage.

Max Fowler: A harm-reduction guide to using your phone less


I tend to like people who do not use a smartphone.

Contempt Contest.

Microsoft and Apple have been changing places. For a long time, Microsoft was the main enemy of users’ freedom, and then, for the past ten years or so, it’s been Apple. When the first iThings came out, around 2007, it was a tremendous advance in contempt for users’ freedom because it imposed censorship of applications—you could only install programs approved by Apple.

Richard Stallman, interviewed in New Left Review 113, September-October 2018


I find it telling if a spell checking program does not know the word "oppressed".


Es ist 2018 und Leute lesen noch Teletext.

The Problems of our Time.

The other three sides of the tower are displaying the correct time, which is decidedly confusing for city dwellers and tourists alike. A special company has been hired to fix the broken clock, but it is expected to take around a week for all sides of the tower to display the same time. If the software error is not fixed by the end of October, then that clock face will actually become the correct time again due to daylight saving time.

The Northern Times: Martini Tower clock displaying wrong time

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