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Let's consider the browser quotient (BQ) to rank jobs: what percentage of your duties can only be done in a web browser?


Tfw your website is mobile-friendly, but your language isn’t.



This document was drafted in OneNote, productionised using LibreOffice Writer, post-processed in Audacity and hand-tuned using a derivation of qpdf, before being glued together with bash, sed, and python. The coverdisk is a 1.44MB FAT-12 formatted floppy disk image.

Lab6 Issue 1


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a yo-yo,”

Enoch Root in Neal Stephenson: The Confusion


Is there a diagnosis for compulsive update checking?

The Year of the Linux Phone.

Where we once had to live with illegally closed-source forks of the Linux kernel, we now have a git repository in which upstream Linux releases are tracked with a series of auditable patches for supporting various devices, many of which are making their way into upstream Linux. Where we once had a forum thread with five wrong answers to the same question on page 112, we now have a bug report on GitLab with a documented workaround and a merge request pending review.

Drew DeVault: postmarketOS revolutionizes smartphone hacking

Washing Unchained.

I strongly believe that the invention of the washing machine changed societies more than the invention of blockchains ever will change anything.

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