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Tfw your website is mobile-friendly, but your language isn’t.



This document was drafted in OneNote, productionised using LibreOffice Writer, post-processed in Audacity and hand-tuned using a derivation of qpdf, before being glued together with bash, sed, and python. The coverdisk is a 1.44MB FAT-12 formatted floppy disk image.

Lab6 Issue 1


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a yo-yo,”

Enoch Root in Neal Stephenson: The Confusion


Is there a diagnosis for compulsive update checking?

The Year of the Linux Phone.

Where we once had to live with illegally closed-source forks of the Linux kernel, we now have a git repository in which upstream Linux releases are tracked with a series of auditable patches for supporting various devices, many of which are making their way into upstream Linux. Where we once had a forum thread with five wrong answers to the same question on page 112, we now have a bug report on GitLab with a documented workaround and a merge request pending review.

Drew DeVault: postmarketOS revolutionizes smartphone hacking

Washing Unchained.

I strongly believe that the invention of the washing machine changed societies more than the invention of blockchains ever will change anything.


Denn wer will ein Metaverse, das von einem Unternehmen verwaltet wird, das schon daran scheitert, ein zweidimensionales soziales Netzwerk verantwortungsbewusst zu gestalten?

In der Immersion eines Metaverse potenziert sich der Schaden, den Facebook heute schon anrichtet

Eva Wolfangel: Veto, Meta!

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