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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a yo-yo,”

Enoch Root in Neal Stephenson: The Confusion

Everything is Magic to Somebody.

Reminder: The things you understand best are also those which most other people understand least.

Handtyped Numbers.

“You’re… defining the natural numbers by hand? Why?”

“Haskell is for mathematicians,” you explain. “We always define our terms.”

aphyr: Typing the technical interview

Jede auch?

Programmieren ist magisch, denn mit dem Code lassen sich Dinge aus dem nichts erschaffen. Ein paar Zauberwörter und Satzzeichen in der richtigen Reihenfolge getippt, und schon passiert etwas. Wer programmiert, hat Macht. Und das Schöne ist: die Computerwelt ist eine Welt, in der fast jeder sich ermächtigen kann. taz-Bot Judith Botler zum Frauentag


It felt as if someone had been following you secretly and buying train tickets for you your whole life. You never realized that you would have to get one.


Buying things is actually just selling money.

I sought you.

Virtual communication is no longer magic.

Leigh Alexander: Cibele and the end of an era for internet lovers

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