Schlagwort: Interesse

Everything is Magic to Somebody.

Reminder: The things you understand best are also those which most other people understand least.


Given all the centralization, it's reassuring to know that forums about everything still exist.

We don't need no negation.

I didn't write back, so she wouldn't have the chance to not respond.

All Your Time-Tossed Selves, a story made in Google Forms

Life is too long for not being an Everythingist.

Ernst Wilhelm Julius Bornemann (April 12, 1915 – June 4, 1995) was a German crime writer, filmmaker, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, jazz musician, jazz critic, psychoanalyst, sexologist, and committed socialist.


Just because you feel good.

Universelle Begeisterungsfähigkeit und das Glück das Beste gefunden zu haben lassen sich schlicht nicht unterscheiden.