Schlagwort: Zitat


There is not always a rope.

a climber


“Climbing is never about climbing, it is about connections, about trying, about facing your fears and reaching your goals.
It is about life, for which climbing is the greatest metaphor”

Line van den Berg


What does it mean to be a woman in the climbing community? Or, in society as a whole?

For years, I have been questioning why I do certain things. Letting my male (climbing) partners take decisions that I was fully capable of taking myself, or shaving my legs.

Does society dictate these things, or do I let society dictate?

I believed that a female climbing partner would solve my struggles. But this search made me blind. The only solution was to be found within me, by changing my own perspective, by empowering myself.

With this film I hope to inspire people to think about these complicated questions and to find out what it means to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Line van den Berg, Director My Phantom


Du tust unrecht, wenn du das lobst, was du nicht recht verstehst; aber es noch unrichtiger, wenn du es tadelst.

Leonardo da Vinci


Life was so different this time last year.

still a graffiti near Muiderberg