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It’s not something any of us talk about very much – and maybe it’s only me – but when I’m on the bike and the blood, oxygen and caffeine are flowing as they should, I become a wild snarling beast and I don’t want ‘comfort’, ‘endurance fit’ or a ‘relaxed geometry’. I want a bike that will elevate me, conspire with me, and maybe even frighten me a bit. A bike on which I might get carried away.

Emily Chappell: Road Test: Liv Langma Advanced Pro Disc and Advanced Pro 0


Mijn overduidelijk Nederlandse opvatting van 'het einde van de wereld' is een steeds smaller wordende landpunt, die uiteindelijk in zee stopt. Liefst wat vlak, weinig begroeiing, en bij voorkeur met winderig en ruig weer. Kortom, referentiekader Schiermonnikoog.

Hans van Ditmarsch: Tien redenen om niet naar Noordkaap te gaan


Het is niet de eerste keer dat Amsterdam toeristen probeert te gebruiken om de snelheid van het autoverkeer te reduceren. Eerder al experimenteerde de stad met de inzet van bierfietsen, groepjes Yellow Bikes en dubbel geparkeerde touringcars.

De Speld: Amsterdam wil toeristen naar de rijbaan 

Privileged Thief.

This social experiment was conducted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2014. Three young man that dress the same, have the same height and are of the same age, try to steal a bike.

All men have been 'stealing' the bike for 30 minutes. They all used the same utensils (hammer, saw, plyers) for the same amount of time. During the 30 minutes of testing with all men around 500 people passed by. The three men are actors, the other people in the film aren't.

Control Alt Delete: Stealing bikes in Holland (video)

Gewoon even doorfietsen.

Al dat getreuzel hou ik niet zo van, je kunt beter gewoon even doorfietsen, dan heb je de hele avond nog voor je.

Anna van der Breggen in De Speld


It’s funny because I’m not a particularly nervous kind of person, hell, I like going as fast as I can on a brakeless track bike, but strapping your own child to your bike does funny things to a person.

Juliet Elliott: A Maiden Voyage


There's a lot you can do, all that is available in your sphere of influence. You can skip your trip to Thailand, for example. It is absolutely effective. It's equivalent to driving a car for a very long time.

Urpo Taskinen, the arctic velonaut

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