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Memories with links are the best.


We anticipate with great relish the opportunity to enjoy a full decade of cycling by your side.

Brooks England


Stille Radwege und friedliche Tiere am Morgen vertreiben Kummer und Sorgen.

Maybe add reading to the list.

If you're not riding, eating or sleeping, you're wasting your time.

Mike Hall, quoted by Emily Chappell in Where there's a will

Coming soon: Brooatly.

Brooks, somehow the Oatly among bike part manufacturers.

Moore's law, but then for bicycle parts?

2 Terabyte kosten ungefähr das gleiche wie eine Runderneuerung aus Kettenblatt, Kette, Ritzelpaket und Mantel.

myself on twitter, 2011-10-01

Ausgesorgt VIII.

Reisepause bis 2019-09-01

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