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Done Hiding.

The primary reason that we go is to have fun.

All Bodies on Bikes (2021)

Radfahren und Biertrinken.

Abwarten und Teetrinken.

Summer Shoes.

Learning to open beer bottles with SPD cleats: ✓

Fier, fie, fiets.

Can we have a new pronoun for bicycles who do not want to align themselves along human gender constructions?

Shimano anti-midge SPF 50 carecide.

Product idea: the universal ultimate cream/oil that works as bicycle chain oil, grease, sun block, skin care, insect repellent and disinfection spray.


Social media updates from the riders are a bit sparse, it seems that they are all too busy riding bikes. Can't think why. Race Around The Netherlands - Day 1 - The beginning

Bewährte Gefährte.

Manchmal ist es doch beruhigend ein Teil der Mehrheit zu sein.

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