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In 2018, Spamhaus rated .men as the worst top-level domain in terms of spam and scamming. .men comes top with 60.6% of its 73,000 domains identified as "bad", resulting in a badness index of 6.48.

Wikipedia: Generic top-level domain, Brand gTLD

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Often the answer lies in providing people with a counter-ideology that both reveals the fabricated nature of consumer ideology and offers an alternative vision of the world. A counter-ideology to porn would similarly need to disrupt and interrupt its messages, and it would have to be as powerful and as pleasurable as porn, telling men that porn’s image of women is a lie, fabricated to sell a particular version of sex. This alternative ideology would also need to present a different vision of heterosexual sex, one built on gender equality and justice. Few men are exposed to such a feminist ideology.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality



None of this defines me. But if you think it hasn’t shaped me, hasn’t made me make rules for myself my whole life, hasn’t shaped how I view other women, and myself, and men... if you think it hasn’t shaped my ambitions (for good and for bad), or the way I vote, or what I see when I look in the mirror — I’m guessing you’re a man.

 jessicashortall: Everything I can remember.

Let it go.

Natürlich verlieren Jungen und Männer etwas durch die Emanzipation. Sie verlieren schrittweise einige der Privilegien, die andernfalls dafür sorgen würden, dass sie in Bereichen Rückenwind haben, in denen Frauen und Mädchen der Wind schaft ins Gesicht bläst. Aber sie gewinnen auch etwas dazu: Je höher die Gleichstellung in einem Land ist, desto höher ist die Glücksquote des Landes. Je höher die Gleichstellung in einem Unternehmen ist, desto zufriedener ist die Belegschaft. Je höher die Gleichstellung in einer Beziehung ist, desto zufriedener sind die Partner. Willkommen in einer gerechteren und zugleich glücklicheren Welt, Herr Hollstein.

Romy Jaster: Die Zukunft der Männer (2017-04-04)


I have this theory that cycling is as close as a middle-class straight white guy can get to understanding Being Female. People have a reckless disregard for your safety, you have to treat everyone like they might hurt you, and if you do get hurt people will blame you for existing.

Emma Hart @Ghetsuhm

Sex(ismus) von Gestern.

Born Sexy Yesterday. It's a science fiction convention in which the mind of a naive, yet highly skilled, girl is written into the body of a mature sexualized woman. Born sexy yesterday is about an unbalanced relationship, but it’s also very much connected to masculinity.

Pop Culture Detective: Born Sexy Yesterday


You're a holy fool, all coloured blue
Red feet upon the floor
You do such damage, how do you manage?
To have me crawling back for more

Florence + The Machine: What Kind Of Man

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