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The Year of the Linux Phone.

Where we once had to live with illegally closed-source forks of the Linux kernel, we now have a git repository in which upstream Linux releases are tracked with a series of auditable patches for supporting various devices, many of which are making their way into upstream Linux. Where we once had a forum thread with five wrong answers to the same question on page 112, we now have a bug report on GitLab with a documented workaround and a merge request pending review.

Drew DeVault: postmarketOS revolutionizes smartphone hacking

Feiertag braucht Plattitüde!

Einheit brauch Vielfalt!


As with many stories about techno-libertarian fantasies, the tale of the Satoshi begins in an all-male, quasi-frat house in San Francisco in the late 90s.


In his scheme, the Satoshi would connect, via two looping tunnels on the water, to human-made floating platforms designated for agriculture, manufacturing and parkland. From the air, the whole community would form the shape of the bitcoin B.


Even scrapping the Satoshi proved to be a debacle.

Sophie Elmhirst: The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship (The Guardian)


In 1975, the year it was completed, the Ihme Centre stood for a revolutionary concept: a city within the city. A complex that you hardly ever have to leave.

Volker Crone: KLOTZ

Siehe auch: Ihme-Zentrum (

Legacy Technology.

Die Zukunft ist da wo es kein IPv4, keinen Schienenersatzverkehr und keine Verbrenner mehr gibt.

Platz für Utopien.

Du brauchst 'ne starke Wahlfamilie

Schrottgrenze: Life is Queer

Was's Was.

Notes on What's What, and on What It Might be Reasonable to do about What's What.

Old Raja in Island by Aldous Huxley

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