Schlagwort: Städte


In 1975, the year it was completed, the Ihme Centre stood for a revolutionary concept: a city within the city. A complex that you hardly ever have to leave.

Volker Crone: KLOTZ

Siehe auch: Ihme-Zentrum (

Kon minder.

Hoi en Doei, Groningen!

Wegen Überraschung geschlossen.

Unangekündigte Blog-Pause bis Ende des Monats.

Serieus met aardappelen bezig.

Things I learned: Emmeloord calls itself the World Potato City.


I recorded my runs using Strava, and this d3 visualization shows the progress of my exploration between November 2014 and March 2015. It makes me weirdly happy.

Ben Birnbaum: Run Visualization