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Goede matin.

Sorry for being late, It was about time that I get to see you.


Hamburg ist teuer, aber genauso billig.
Und in Frankfurt sind die Leute auch feierwillig.

Egotronic: Berlin Calling


(...) to avoid the spiritual impoverishment of individuals and whole societies, leave the metropolis and revive the small country community, or alternatively humanize the metropolis by creating within its network of mechanical organization the urban equivalents of small country communities, in which individuals can meet and co-operate as complete persons, not as the mere embodiments of specialized functions.

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World Revisited


Selig sei die Stadt genannt, wo ich ... na gut, die auch noch.


Fläche, die bereit gehalten wird für Blechdinger, die zwei Tonnen wiegen und mit denen eine Person, statistisch betrachtet, eine Stunde am Tag rumfährt.

Harald Welzer: Schluss mit der Untergangsrhetorik! (Deutschlandfunk Kultur)

Viele Städte haben eine Universität.

Groningen is daarnaast vooral een studentenstad met ruim 57.000 studenten, van wie ongeveer 35.000 in de stad wonen. Groningen (stad)


(a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.

Wikipedia: Kennesaw, Georgia, quoting the Municipal Code, Kennesaw, Georgia, Article II, Sec. 34-21. - Heads of households to maintain firearms.

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