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Moore's Money.

The impact of having the fastest growing forum software in the world created by an organization whose then-leader was willing to state that he doesn't really care about users who aren't "influential users who spend money", who don't have access to "infinite CPU speed", is that a lot of forums are now inaccessible to people who don't have enough wealth to buy a device with effectively infinite CPU.

 danluu.com: How web bloat impacts users with slow devices


The EDPS has therefore decided to order the Commission, effective on 9 December 2024, to suspend all data flows resulting from its use of Microsoft 365 to Microsoft and to its affiliates and sub-processors located in countries outside the EU/EEA not covered by an adequacy decision.

EDPS: European Commission’s use of Microsoft 365 infringes data protection law for EU institutions and bodies

Patatje Krieg.

Uns beiden wird schon nix passieren

De Avondshow met Arjen Lubach ft. Jan Böhmermann: Verder naar Rechts / Weiter nach Rechts


PostmarketOS is the European Sleeper of mobile operating systems.

Zelf het doe.

Als .NL niet in staat is .NL te beheren is dat als een restaurant dat z’n maaltijden bij thuisbezorgd.nl inkoopt.

Bert Hubert: Jouw tech of mijn tech: kies snel