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Schieffelin wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in the plays of William Shakespeare to North America.

Wikipedia: Eugene Schieffelin

Nee to know.

Why do we have to know if someone is a man or a woman? The only possible reason for wanting to know is that you'd treat them differently. Get out of it.

Patricia Duncker

Wel met die van anderen.

Elk nieuw leven dat een mens begint is een voortzetting van het oude leven!


Niemand kan tweemaal op hetzelfde punt beginnen. Elk experiment dat niet herhaald kan worden, is helemaal geen experiment. Niemand kan met zijn leven experimenteren.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen

Missing a law.

This was a tragic loss, and it set the tone for the entire genre. From an early age, Asimov was drawn to the communal aspects of fan culture, but he made it more difficult for women to experience that sense of community. Women have long occupied an ambiguous place in science fiction, where they have been alternately welcomed, dismissed, and harassed. Asimov took advantage of what he called the rising percentage of “shrill young girls” at conventions in the 1960s, and his unique position at such events—he was invariably the center of attention—made his example especially insidious. His admirers looked to him as a model of how to behave, and fandom was complicit for years in his serial misconduct in ways that have never been fully acknowledged.

Alec Nevala-Lee: Asimov's Empire, Asimov's Wall ( 2020-01-07)

Brave Old Drink.

Among the classical stimulants, tea, coffee and maté are, thank goodness, almost completely harmless.

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World Revisited