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Likewise infectious disease is expected to decrease in the future, at least until 2020.

Bjørn Lomborg: The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World (2001)


Von Woche zu Woche, beinahe schon von Tag zu Tag, war ihm damals die Spannung zwischen seinen persönlichen Sorgen, die der Prüfung und der offenen Assistentenstelle galten, und den politischen Entwicklungen draußen in der Welt immer deutlicher zu Bewußtsein gekommen. Was war wichtiger? Was hieß da wichtig? Und in welchem Sinne konnte man von der Verpflichtung sprechen, an den politischen Entwicklungen Anteil zu nehmen? War es klar, was Anteil nehmen hieß?

Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen

In 15 Minuten.

I’m 70 now and all my life I’ve heard that the Russians would one day make a surprise attack and, within 48 hours occupy the Eiffel Tower. Fait accompli! We in the West were weak – perhaps not right now but we would be within the next five if we did not invest much more in ”defence”.

Well, these damn Russians haven’t come yet – another reason we shouldn’t trust them, I assume!

Jan Oberg: Evidently the West Cannot Live without Enemy Images–Go See a Shrink so We Shall All Live in Peace

Big Teach does not like Donkeys.

So, who gets to vote on whether an emoji is included in that universal lexicon? There are currently 12 full voting members who pay $18,000 a year for the privilege. Nine of them are United States multinational tech companies: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Shopify, and Netflix.


The decision makers along the way are generally male, white, and engineers.

Demokratie ist Trumpf.