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Es geht nicht um Herkunft, Hautfarbe und Religion
Hauptsache, der Teig ist dünn; Hauptsache, Tomatensoße

Antilopen Gang: Pizza


The world is complicated.

More Actions → No Border.

If only the world would be as easy and customizable as KDE.

KDE screenshot: More Actions - No Border

Yeah, maybe, like, sometime if we want. Or not.

[...] undertakes to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to [...]

United Nations: The Treaty On The Non-Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)

Time(d) Travel.

Are you remembering that you’ll gain a day overall? Both Fogg, and Michael Palin following in his footsteps, forgot.

It’s annoying because you lose an hour every time you cross a time zone. If you travel 240 miles to the east you lose 15 minutes in that day. Every morning at eight o’clock my team put their watches back to try and incrementally lose time as we go, which means basically we have to treat every day like it’s 23 hours 45 minutes.

Mark Beaumont: Cycling around the world in 80 days


Von allen Welten, die der Mensch erschaffen hat,
ist die der Bücher die Gewaltigste.

Heinrich Heine

How about the Platonic heaven?

If I can save a distant, beautiful world that I have fallen in love with, then my life has not been wasted.

Cixin Liu: The Three-Body Problem

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