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It appears that Facebook will only look at problems if they realize that it might cost them too much political or media capital if they continue to ignore them

Hans de Zwart: How The Dude Was Duped By Big Tech

(warning: use this.)

Mundo Libre.

This map depicts an important new geopolitical boundary: being on and off of Facebook.

Ian Wojtowicz: UnFacebook World

The US-American Baidu.

You know that X is more famous (or just more confident) than Y if Y is usually introduced as "the $adjective X".

Adobe Infecter.

Please, stop recommending Adobe Reader. Or even worse, claiming that your clients need it to open your email invoices. Because what could go wrong?

Yes, you.

For example, I don’t use Gmail because I don’t want Google having all my email. But last time I checked, Google has half of my email because you all use Gmail.

Bruce Schneier

Centralized Mess.

Only 7 out of 24 xkcdommon chat systems are federated.

And XMPP is not mentioned at all.

The Big F.

So people are uploading the equivalent of 193 million copies of War and Peace books, or 75,000 copies of War and Peace movies, every single day.

Vicki Boykis: What should you think about when using Facebook?

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