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[...] de mogelijkheid om zélf kennis, ervaring en visie te ontwikkelen op het ontwerpen en beheren van technologie komt op geen enkele manier terug in de Kamerbrief. Terwijl er een groeiende groep is van initiatieven, klein én groot, van overheden tot omroepen, bibliotheken en bedrijven, in Nederland en Europa, die zelf clouddiensten maken en beheren. Van NextCloud tot Jitsi en OpenStreetMap: open-source en volgens publieke waarden. Deze groeiende beweging van gemeenschappen wordt nu door de eigen overheid de pas afgesneden.

Job Spierings (waag future internet lab): Gaat de overheid echt overstappen op Google Docs?

Big Teach does not like Donkeys.

So, who gets to vote on whether an emoji is included in that universal lexicon? There are currently 12 full voting members who pay $18,000 a year for the privilege. Nine of them are United States multinational tech companies: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Shopify, and Netflix.


The decision makers along the way are generally male, white, and engineers.

Undesirable, but let's continue.

For applications in educational institutions, we find it undesirable that the ownership and responsibility for this data lies with Google. As a result, educational institutions using Google G Suite have little to no control over what happens with their data, creating a potential risk for the future. For example, if this metadata is being used to place personalised advertising.


We assume Google will make changes so the identified risks will be removed and education institutions can continue to use G Suite for Education safely.

SURF and SIVON discuss privacy risks with Google


It appears that Facebook will only look at problems if they realize that it might cost them too much political or media capital if they continue to ignore them

Hans de Zwart: How The Dude Was Duped By Big Tech

(warning: use this.)

Mundo Libre.

This map depicts an important new geopolitical boundary: being on and off of Facebook.

Ian Wojtowicz: UnFacebook World