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In this case, the name of the “academic publishing industry” implies that it is supposed to be involved in the dissemination of scholarship. But the effective function of the academic publishing industry as it actually exists is to prevent the dissemination of scholarly work.

Jason Parry: A World Without Sci-Hub


It appears that Facebook will only look at problems if they realize that it might cost them too much political or media capital if they continue to ignore them

Hans de Zwart: How The Dude Was Duped By Big Tech

(warning: use this.)

A dream of science.

I had a dream that Sci-Hub gets discussed by the U.N. For example, Russia could tell the U.S. that it’s a violation of human rights [to ban Sci-Hub] because the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says everyone has the right to participate in scientific advancement. But that remained only a dream.


There is no real community to discuss that, you hardly hear such voices. Not just in the mainstream media, but even on YouTube, for example. It all died by 2013, when Aaron Swartz died.

Alexandra Elbakyan (as quoted in Blackballed by PayPal, Scientific-Paper Pirate Takes Bitcoin Donations by Anna Baydakova on


When was the last time you thought of the internet as a weird and wonderful place?

When was the last time the internet made you feel good?

When was the last time the internet gave you hope?

When was the last time you felt free on the internet?

Violet Blue: How sex censorship killed the internet we love

The actual firewall is burning in your head.

What makes me angry about the great firewall of China is that if its complement would be used in the west, most people would not even realize it.

EU, regulate this!

It's not like you have to go to China to find a censored eduroam access point.


Ist es schon Selbstzensur wenn ich in meiner neuen Nachbarschaft abends und nachts freiwillig meine Musik leise lasse?

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