Schlagwort: Konsum


They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that is even truer when the first man ran Windows, but you run Linux.


The key to evaluate hardware with specs without creating blind spots or unintended consequences, is to focus on the total life of the hardware, and choose vendors that make longevity a priority.

Kyle Rankin: The Danger of Focusing on Specs

Gone for better.

This past year forced me to stay home and think. And I found myself very disillusioned about these and a lot of things. I found out that I am in need of that validation. For me to write, sing and play, I need to find some new reasons and inspirations. ”My Walden” so to speak.

Marko Hietala: Resignation Announcement (2021-01-12)

Kip kip kip kip kip kip kip kip kip kip kip kip.

Reality check: as of 2019 the average person in the Netherlands eats one entire chicken per month.


Heel gek. Ik stond hier gister nog met allemaal zakken in mijn wagentje, maar ik heb niks meer in huis.

de 39-jarige Nick in De Speld: Man iedere dag opnieuw in supermarkt voor weekvoorraad chips

The Ignocrapalypse.

Feeling: I really don't like buying stuff from people who don't know what they are selling.

Theory: Things become crappier, unrepairable and more evil when the people who sell them no longer understand them.

Example: Computers. In the good old days (and before I ever used a computer), staff in computer shops actually knew how they work. Nowadays, try asking an employee of any store what the Intel ME is and does.

Other examples: Cars, Bicycles (especially e-bikes), and of course nobody knows knows how a smartphone works.