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Natural Growth.

There was no helping it. To a child, nothing seemed more stupid in adults than their inability to come to grips with the fact that people grew.

Neal Stephenson: The Confusion


Linux is a box of loosely-related tools held together with staples and glue. This is fine when the user understands the tools and is holding the glue bottle, but we need to make a more cohesive, robust, and reliable system out of this before it can accommodate average end-users.

Drew DeVault: What desktop Linux needs to succeed in the mainstream

Unknown joy.

There is pleasure in changing small things you find important but nobody will notice.

Logoff failed.

Current work-load level: Regularly typing my work desktop password into my private laptop.

Wer Wo Wann.

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myself on twitter, 2010-05-18


Es gibt Leute die schieben ihre Stühle zurück an den Tisch und solche die es nicht tun.

git push.

Magic command that lets you work from home tomorrow. Just in case it might rain, you know...

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