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Liefst met Appel, Rozijnen en Rum.

Investeer hier maar, pannenkoek!

Warming up my fingers.

Like an apple on a tree
Hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach

A Fine Frenzy: You Picked Me


Luxus ist, mit frischen Donuts in der ersten Klasse zu sitzen.

Zu viel Schwein gehabt.

Realitätsabgleich des Tages: Durchschnittsdeutsche essen pro Woche mehr als ein Kilo Fleisch. Siehe Fleischatlas 2018.


Some things words just sound better in other languages.

Like Language.

Quickly our vocabularies shrank. Instead of summoning words, people tapped on images. People stopped finishing their sentences. And in startlingly short order, they could no longer describe with language the places they had been; the way they had felt in the dark night; the powerful weight of the tropical winds and the humidity of their recent vacations, the dirt road they got lost on, the woman who brought milk and bread and butter and yogurt to their pensione.

Gabrielle Hamilton: The Art of the Dinner Party

Do less. Enjoy more.

Brahms hören und Griesbrei umrühren.

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