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Tiramisu and Spam.

Life comes up with funny combinations.

Basic Needs II.

Glück ist mit dem Fahrrad zur Pommes-Bude fahren und dort Donald Duck lesen.


Might be harder to tell based purely on colour & smell... for avocados we'd need some sort of a squeeze-o-meter. Like, maybe... AVOKOALADO! A koala who gently hugs your avocado, and when it's perfectly ripe they sing a little avocado song and wiggle their ears. Yeah. That'd work.



OK, so here's an idea: BANANALARMA. A plastic llama about 15cm high, with a camera, chemical sensor, &c built in. You put it next to your fruit bowl where your bananas are ripening. When it detects one perfectly ripe banana, it sounds an alarm, et voila! No more overripe bananas!


Ode aan de aubergine.

O, aubergine! [dat begint al niet verkeerd]
Gij wonderpaarse vrucht
Ik snijd U met een, eh.. keukenmachine
En slaak dan een voldane zucht
Fantastisch is uw diepe kleur
Uw toepassingen zijn eindeloos
In plakken gebakken, dan wel gevuld
Doorbreekt U alle etenssleur
Maakt U elke maaltijd weergaloos
En wordt door eenieder stil gesmuld

Rick Jansen


Die Firma Lambertz in Aachen produziert von Juli bis Dezember viereinhalb Millionen Dominosteine täglich.

Wikipedia: Dominostein


For the purposes of this Directive, the following definitions shall apply:

1. Fruit:

— fresh, sound fruit, free from deterioration, containing all its essential constituents and sufficiently ripe for use, after cleaning, removal of blemishes, topping and tailing,

— for the purposes of this Directive, tomatoes, the edible parts of rhubarb stalks, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and water-melons are considered to be fruit,



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