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Frei Zeit.

Sehen Sie die Uhr dort oben,
wissen Sie die Zeiger sagen

dass ich Sie anzeige,
wenn Sie mich jetzt noch weiter plagen

Grossstadtgeflüster: Feierabend

DevOps wisdom of the month.

A bus factor of one is still better than zero.


Once our bodies were used to make things – to build dams and stone walls, plough fields, paint frescoes, scrub clothes, gather the needs of daily life. Now those who work with their bodies many hours a day are a class apart. Millions of us work only with our fingers on keyboards. We admire the sportsperson or team for their physical skills; we may garden, walk, dance and swim for pleasure and health, but we are exceptional if we do not have to make an effort to ‘use’ our bodies.

Susie Orbach: Bodies (2019)


It's finally clicking for me that everyone is playing sort of a frantic game of end-of-term whack-a-mole trying to clear their own decks by punting everything into someone else's inbox before the end of the year. (to mix all the metaphors)

Rebecca Welzenbach (@rwelzenb)


Was uns verbindet und immer wieder zusammen kommen lässt, ist neben der Leidenschaft für unsere Arbeit vor allem die Art und Weise wie wir Baustelle gestalten. Wir wollen in unserem eigenen Rhythmus arbeiten - mal schnell mal langsam, mal zwölf mal drei Stunden - wir wollen weich sein, lachen und rumalbern, wir wollen Fehler machen können und lernen und wir wollen am Ende ein geiles Ergebniss haben von dem wir handwerklich vollstens überzeugt sind. Wir sind kompetent und haben trotzdem Fragen und manchmal Zweifel.

GAUGUS*Holz | Zimmer*in

Sleeptax Error.

By comparing the two groups of participants, we found that a single night of sleep deprivation leads to a reduction of 50% in the quality of the implementations. There is important evidence that the developers' engagement and their prowess to apply TFD are negatively impacted. Our results also show that sleep-deprived developers make more fixes to syntactic mistakes in the source code.

Davide Fucci, Giuseppe Scanniello, Simone Romano, Natalia Juristo: Need for Sleep: the Impact of a Night of Sleep Deprivation on Novice Developers' Performance

Let them code.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the best developers I know are easy to get along with, good listeners, and generally pleasant to work with. Hence, when a manager or executive asks them to run a huge project they take it as a challenge and a compliment. It’s not until 10 months later when they’ve lost their ability to write a while loop that they realize they may have made a mistake.

Rob Walling: Why Good Developers are Promoted into Unhappiness

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