Schlagwort: Konzentration

Gedanken, los.

[...] aber jetzt wurden die Gedanken so sanft und angenehm vage, daß es schade gewesen wäre, sie durch Konzentration zu stören.

Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen


My phone no longer works. So I can do more work.

a wise friend


At home I do not have Internet. So I can work.

a wise friend

Lange Weile.

How is it going?

Better than expected.

I’ve been able to slow down and savor the things in life that make me feel happy, productive and alive. I have more time to think, read, write, exercise, meditate, see friends and family and devote as much time as I want to the focus list.

rnilo: Making Life Boring 🥱

Apathy's a tragedy and boredom's a crime.

Could interest you in everything all of the time?

Bo Burnham: Welcome to the Internet