Schlagwort: Langeweile

Lange Weile.

How is it going?

Better than expected.

I’ve been able to slow down and savor the things in life that make me feel happy, productive and alive. I have more time to think, read, write, exercise, meditate, see friends and family and devote as much time as I want to the focus list.

rnilo: Making Life Boring 🥱


It was a terrible, endless job. After a day of it, I decided I was going to write a book — that way, all of this drudgery was a fascinating contribution to my artistic growth.

Neal Stephenson: The BIg U


Oh, well (she thought), if the world were populated solely by persons who loved and desired each other symmetrically, it might be happier, but not so interesting.

Neal Stephenson: The Confusion

Besonders wenn es keine ist.

Einfach auch mal unter der Maus putzen.

April, April!