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Dans la seconde partie de mon rapport, il s'agit des variétés kählériennes dites K3, ainsi nommées en l'honneur de Kummer, Kähler, Kodaira et de la belle montagne K2 au Cachemire.

In the second part of my report, we deal with the Kähler varieties known as K3, named in honor of Kummer, Kähler, Kodaira and of the beautiful mountain K2 in Kashmir.

André Weil (1958, p. 546), describing the reason for the name "K3 surface" (as quoted on Wikipedia: K3 surface)

Our kind of entertainment.

Sunday evening entertainment of the week: proving that addition is commutative.


Wees er maar vast op voorbereid dat u misschien niet tegelijk mag instappen met de persoon die naast u zal zitten.

Charlotte Vlek: Hoe wiskunde de KLM helpt efficiënter te boarden


In summary, algebraic geometry is classical music, and number theory is heavy metal.

Lovely little lemmas

Euler's List.

Euler's work touched upon so many fields that he is often the earliest written reference on a given matter. In an effort to avoid naming everything after Euler, some discoveries and theorems are attributed to the first person to have proved them after Euler.

Wikipedia: List of things named after Leonhard Euler


Mathematics is measuring times laziness squared.

Earthlings 101, Episode 13


Ik zweef tussen de wiskunde en de kunst.

M.C. Escher (gelezen door Robin Lutz)

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