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Mathematics is measuring times laziness squared.

Earthlings 101, Episode 13


Ik zweef tussen de wiskunde en de kunst.

M.C. Escher (gelezen door Robin Lutz)


I saw now that in my desire to know theorics I had taken shortcuts that, just like shortcuts on a map, turned out to be longcuts. Whenever I’d seen Jesry get it quicker than me, I had misread equations in a way that had seemed easier at the time but made things harder—no, impossible—later.

Fraa Orolo in Anathem by Neal Stephenson


The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures.

J. Ström, K. Åström, and T. Akenine-Möller: Immersive Linear Algebra

Taboo: DEL Edition.

How to tell apart mathematicians and philosophers: Do you need the words "transitive" or "closure" to explain common knowledge?

Type It Easy.

[...] as a rough-and-ready indication of what we mean by a "type," we may say that individuals, classes of individuals, relations between individuals, relations between classes, relations of classes to individuals, and so on, are different types.

Bertrand Russell: Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Wanted Numbers.

We want our numbers not merely to verify mathematical formulæ, but to apply in the right way to common objects. We want to have ten fingers and two eyes and one nose.

Bertrand Russell: Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

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