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Real and complex.

I was a twenty-seven-year-old college dropout before I finally met some real mathematicians and found that those people don’t even give a shit about calculus.

Neal Stephenson: Termination Shock

Future Prophecies.

  • an intuitive and feature rich theorem prover language. one that both mathematicians with an interest in programming and programmers with an interest in maths can start to use without too much hassle. in 2122 you won't graduate from your maths degree without knowing how to prove theorems with a computer.
  • intuitive and feature rich formal verification frameworks for the major programming languages. in 2122, ADA SPARK will not be your only option for critical software.
  • extensive use and major discoveries regarding homomorphic encryption. many services will be required by law to only process data in this manner. in 2122 fully E2E encrypted applications will offer a wide degree of functionalities that is currently only possible through services which can read you data in the clear.

fickle nest: 3 things for the next 100 years of Computer Science


Is it still a proof if it takes 4 minutes on a 4 GHz 12-core CPU?

Aus den Takten.

Of the New Day is a song of rebirth, emerging from darkness. It sounds deceptively simple, a recognisably atypical Porcupine Tree ballad. That is until you realise that the length of the bars is constantly changing, flipping between bars of regular 4/4 time to 3/4, to 5/4 to 6/4, 11/4, so that the track never settles into any steady time. It’s what PT can sometimes do really well, come up with a basic idea that’s almost intellectual or mathematical, but carry it off in a way that sounds completely natural and accessible.

Steven Wilson


Hey! I heard that Lean thinks 1/0 = 0. Is that true?

Yes. So do Coq and Agda and many other theorem provers.


But doesn’t that lead to confusion?

It certainly seems to lead to confusion on Twitter. But it doesn’t lead to confusion when doing mathematics in a theorem prover. Mathematicians don’t divide by 0 and hence in practice they never notice the difference between real.div and mathematical division (for which 1/0 is undefined). Indeed, if a mathematician is asking what Lean thinks 1/0 is, one might ask the mathematician why they are even asking, because as we all know, dividing by 0 is not allowed in mathematics, and hence this cannot be relevant to their work.

Xena: Division by zero in type theory: a FAQ

Nice but late.

“But there is no honor in elegantly proving a theorem in 1672 that some Scotsman proved barbarously in 1671!”

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver

No arrows, not even objects.

Am I the only one who annoyed by "functor" in Prolog?

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