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My phone no longer works. So I can do more work.

a wise friend


This widespread policy in business communication made bottom and inline posting so unknown among most users that some of the most popular email programs no longer support the traditional posting style. For example, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, and Yahoo! make it difficult or impossible to indicate which part of a message is the quoted original or do not let users insert comments between parts of the original.

Wikipedia: Posting style


So if you're only used to one style, see if you can try out the other somewhere. Or at least pay attention and see whether you're talking to someone who follows the other norm. And don't assume that you know which norm is the "right" one; try it the "wrong" way and maybe you'll learn something.

Compass Rose: Wait vs Interrupt Culture

At least use "-- " please.

Long email signatures are the golden letter seals of the modern age.


This document was drafted in OneNote, productionised using LibreOffice Writer, post-processed in Audacity and hand-tuned using a derivation of qpdf, before being glued together with bash, sed, and python. The coverdisk is a 1.44MB FAT-12 formatted floppy disk image.

Lab6 Issue 1

Ineffective and harmful.

Today, 11 May, is a worrying day for every person in the EU who wants to send a message privately without exposing their personal information, like chats and photos, to private companies and governments. The European Commission has adopted its “Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse” material online, including measures which put the vital integrity of secure communications at risk.

EDRi: European Commission’s online CSAM proposal fails to find right solutions to tackle child sexual abuse 

Byzantine Messenger.

One checkmark when the message was sent.

Two checkmarks when it was read.

Three checkmarks when it was sent that it was read.

Four checkmarks when it was read that it was read.

Five checkmarks when it was sent that it was read that it was read.


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