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How to ensure people don't email you to your GoogleMail account? Don't have one!

Die ICQ Liste unseres Jahrgangs.

All means of communication develop (and disappear together with) their own style.

You know you want (g)it.

When writing an academic article with multiple collaborators, you really want to be using a git repository to manage your LaTeX sources and/or other related materials.

I think this is common advice given out to grad students in CS and related departments, but a lot of people don’t really seem to be taking it to heart. Using tools like Overleaf, ShareLaTeX, or even a shared sync folder like Dropbox seems to be the norm. While I’m in agreement that these tools can really reduce the friction for getting started, I think that it’s in your best interest as a graduate student learning how to write effectively in an academic setting to use a git repository instead. Here are my reasons why.

Chase Geigle: Overleaf Considered Harmful: Why a Simple git Repository is Best for Academic Writing

Outside Man.

The men didn’t catch their little joke. They were clueless. Some things didn’t change.

Edan Lepucki: California


Ieder probleem met het alarmnummer is er één te veel, want de bereikbaarheid van 112 is essentieel voor de samenleving.

KPN, 7 jaar geleden

Can you read this?

Hello, I am Bob and today I will talk about how finding the full screen mode of Adobe Reader is really hard.


Miteinander reden klappt am besten wenn beide alle beteiligten das wollen.

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