Schlagwort: Kommunikation


Ich schreibe dir, weil: Solange ich schreibe, spreche ich zwar nicht, aber ich schweige auch nicht.

Kim de l'Horizon: Blutbuch

The Chewbacca agreement.

The peculiar situation of two bilingual but not fully competent individuals that results in each speaking a different language to each other without ever changing to the other speaker's language, that nevertheless produces a perfectly intelligible conversation to them.

Named, of course, after how Chewbacca just howls and chirps but everyone understands him and replies in English.

It is a very frequent situation in regions where more than one language is common or dominant.


Subject: Worry Free Email Management Email Delivery Failure

yet another proprietary mail server


Maybe 400 emails per week is a problem, not a challenge.


Nachher auf der Straße dachte er, daß sie sich neulich am Telefon näher gewesen waren als während der ganzen Begegnung heute abend.

Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen