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This is a bout Manny's need for others to know, so that he can use them as tools.

N.K. Jemisin: The City We Became


Productivity per CPU cycle per Watt is the lowest it’s been in decades, and is orders of magnitude (plural) beneath its potential.

Drew DeVault: Following up on "Hello world"

Grün(schnabel) KI.

This position paper advocates a practical solution by making efficiency an evaluation criterion for research alongside accuracy and related measures. In addition, we propose reporting the financial cost or "price tag" of developing, training, and running models to provide baselines for the investigation of increasingly efficient methods. Our goal is to make AI both greener and more inclusive — enabling any inspired undergraduate with a laptop to write high-quality research papers.

Roy Schwartz, Jesse Dodge, Noah A. Smith, Oren Etzioni: Green AI.


Wees er maar vast op voorbereid dat u misschien niet tegelijk mag instappen met de persoon die naast u zal zitten.

Charlotte Vlek: Hoe wiskunde de KLM helpt efficiënter te boarden