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Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.

Rembrandt (ca. 1650)

There is no TRUST in SMTP.

“They sent fake emails from our and Professor Edelman’s addresses and arranged a pick-up on the street.”

“Is that possible?”

“Yes, and it’s not even very difficult.”


David Lagercrantz: The Girl in the Spider's Web


I am bad at not knowing stuff.


I think in practice M is indeed in charge, although no one actually knows that.


I don't know why.

We locked eyes
For just a moment or two

Rise Against: This Is Letting Go

Do you speak japanese?

you know james joyce, I like your voice
you know baudelaire, I like your hair
you know churchill, I know kill bill
you know tolstoy, I know playboy
you know politics, I know party chicks
you know wallstreet, I just want to meet
you know common law, I ask my ma
you know sanskrit, come on and say it
you know economy, well I believe in what I see
you know sophie scholl, I love rock'n'roll
you know algebra, but you wear no bra

Bonaparte - Too Much

Euro Shopper.

Das Selbstvertrauen in die eigene passive Sprachkenntnis lässt sich hervorragend daran messen, welche Lebensmittel, Medikamente oder ganz allgemein Substanzen mensch sich zu konsumieren traut auch wenn sie nur in der betreffenden Fremdsprache beschriftet sind.

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