Schlagwort: Beziehungen

With hopes that you'll understand.

I will no longer

be disciplined

by the frustration

of an insecure men

Maria Mena: Our Battles


Sag mir wie du heißt,
und ich sag dir wann du scheißt,
wen du dann auf Tinder likest,
und dass sie sehr gerne reist.

Systemabsturz: Daten daten Daten

Big denier.

Gaslighter, denier
Doin' anything to get your ass farther
Gaslighter, big timer
Repeating all of the mistakes of your father

The Chicks: Gaslighter

Trust to try.

That you will try not to run

when it's hard

Natalie Maines: Take It On Faith

I do it for you, you do it for me.

Heaven wasn't built in a day.

Beth Ditto: In And Out