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No other.

Your love is like no other
I want when we're together

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For the small chance you're reading this, here's a birthday advice: choose people, not places.

Off by one, twice.

Ich glaube ja nicht an Schicksalszahlen.

Aber schön sind sie trotzdem.

But wait until they find our flow-charts.

Quick, in high school were you ever told not to date your old girlfriend’s current boyfriend’s old girlfriend? Or your old boyfriend’s current girlfriend’s old boyfriend? Probably not. But I bet you never did, either.

Kieran Healy: Love is a Battlefield Spanning-Tree Network with no 4-Cycles

Familie ist was mensch daraus macht.

Alles gute dir und euch!


Are you aware of what you make me feel?

Avril Lavigne: Losing Grip


Es gibt Tage da ist Reisen das schönste Mittel zum Zweck.

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