Schlagwort-Archiv: Beziehungen

Familie ist was mensch daraus macht.

Alles gute dir und euch!


Are you aware of what you make me feel?

Avril Lavigne: Losing Grip


Es gibt Tage da ist Reisen das schönste Mittel zum Zweck.

Spent a week in a dusty library.

Relationships were something I used to do
Convince me they are better for me and you

Camera Obscura: French Navy


I wonder if you got someone

I wonder if your havin' fun

Bell Book & Candle: Read My Sign


Es tut gut wieder zu wissen dass du lachst.


You may discover that while you enjoy one another's company and have fabulous sex, your habits regarding housing, money, possessions and so on are wildly incompatible.

Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt: The Ethical Slut

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